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Mon Jul 2, 2012, 3:22 AM

This weekend at Comic Con, I slept a total of about five hours (AN HOUR AND A HALF OF THAT ON THE FLOOR AT THE CONVENTION CENTRE), made two costumes and volunteered for several hours of abuse by VERY VERY ANGRY people. :|

And then they sent me out to CHEESECAKE FOR GREAT JUSTICE, wherein I did 'crowd morale' duty and went out to photowhore along the line of people waiting to get in. There was also the 501st legion (STAR WARS, SO COOL) and the Sentai team and the most awesome Jack Skellington on stilts ever, because the organisers did really want to keep the crowd entertained and happy. Everyone else was far more popular with the family friendly groups, but I think I got the niche of stereotypically skimpily dressed heroine for the fanservice angle.

My team leader actually did use the phrase "horny male geeks" which made me cry and subsequently punch him until he stopped being terrible. 8D

My phone outbox reads something like "THIS COSTUME IS RIDING SOMETHING FIERCE." and "NOBODY ASKS FOR PHOTOS, THEY JUST TAKE THEM SO I AM ALWAYS MIDWAY THROUGH A WORD AND PULLING A RETARDED FACE WHY WHY WHYYY." and "GOD, THE CREEPER HAND, WHY DO THEY ALWAYS TOUCH ME D<" and similarly rage filled all-caps'd things. My highlight were the two guys who were like, "Can I have a photo with you? HURHURHUR, MY WIFE'S GOING TO KILL ME >: D" and also, all the small children who want to grow up to be super heroes jkahjkawe URGH, TINY TINY KIDS ARE SO ADORBS. Especially when they're dressing up as tiny tiny Avengers.

All in all, a somewhat terrible but interesting experience. (I would, however, like to know how people recognised me while I was wearing a mask, AND YET HALF THESE PEOPLE GET CONFUSED WHEN I WEAR MY GLASSES : ||||||| clearly, Clark Kent had the right idea.)


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cielroses Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
KAREN!!!! *touches leg*
silver-lined Featured By Owner May 2, 2012
Sparkling ginga bishonen~ *__* :heart: TOUCH ME ALL YOU LIKE, I WOULD BE SO LUCKY.
Kaallisi Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
thankyou for watching~!
Kaallisi Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
...forgot to write OH GOD OF SAVEPOINT!
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